Separation and Divorce in Ontario Child's Guide

Separation or divorce is the result of problems between parents and not the fault of the child. But it does affect children and they may have questions about the law of separation and divorce. It is often difficult to answer questions in terms that children will understand. The Ministry of the Attorney General published a well rounded resource that explains legal terms relating to all aspects of separation and divorce and child matters in an easy to understand format.



The guide,  “A Child’s Legal Guide to Separation and Divorce” contains sections covering;

  • Separation and Divorce
  • Custody
  • Access
  • Parental Disagreements
  • Changes in Custody and Access
  • Parents’ New Partners
  • Money Issues
  • Getting Help
  • Dictionary of Terms

Also included is a list of the books you might want to read about how most children feel when their parents separate or divorce.

Download the Guide:
A Child’s Legal Guide to Separation and Divorce

Published by the Ministry of the Attorney General  Source – Family Law in Ontario